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Why use a portal for ordering my printed items?

Many reasons, actually! Have any of the following happened to you?

Emailed your repeat order to your Account Representative only to find out they never received it because the email never left your out box, hit our spam filter or maybe you discovered you forgot to email the order. FIXED: No more emails. Orders placed online immediately get placed into production without emailing back and forth.

Remembered at 11:00pm that you failed to order business cards and now no one is open to help you with the order. FIXED: The web portal becomes your 24/7 Print Shop employee by placing your order into production the moment you place the order, no matter the time of day.

Submitted a new order to your printer to be designed from scratch or a project with an update or change and found yourself proofing documents for days. FIXED: You proof your project when you place the order by seeing what the piece will look like on the screen prior to submitting the order. No more proofs!

Ever need to place an order but can't remember how many you ordered last time or how much that order cost. FIXED: Each item on your portal will have a list of quantities and the corresponding price. Orders placed online will be archived so that you can quickly review your order history.

GET A PORTAL TODAY: Portals either eliminate these problems or significantly reduce problems with your print purchases! Save tons of time, eliminate proofs, reduce potential errors in communication and increase your project's turn around time to get your order in your hands faster!