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I want a portal and know someone is going to call with questions about how I want it set up, what should I be thinking about?

You will definately need to decide how you want to use your portal. A few things to think about are listed below:

What printed items do I currently buy from The Print Shop (or other vendors) that I'd like to order using my Print Shop online portal?
Which of these items rarely need the artwork updated but are ordered often?
Which items, like business cards, will require a "dynamic" set up so that I can layout and review an instant proof when I place may order?
What quantities and pricing do I want to have included for each item?

Who within my organization should be able to log in to The Print Shop portal? One person or many?
Should each user only see items that are relevant to them or have access to all company items?
Does a supervisor or manager need to approve these orders?
Can I obtain a list of user names, email addresses and passwords to be given to The Print Shop for portal user setup?