Dollar Days Giveaway

Like Us, Follow Us, Friend Us...

So what is "Dollar Days Giveaway" all about?  The Print Shop likes to reward its most loyal clients by offering them deals on a regular basis.  Sometimes they are small while other times you could save hundreds of dollars.  How does it work, you ask?  IT'S SIMPLE!

All you have to do is like us on Instagram, follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook and we will randomly, without notice, post deals so that you can save.  It might be a 20% Discount Off your next order, a Free Customized Self Inking Rubberstamp, or a free trip to Tahiti (ok, probably not but you get the idea).  We'll never post a "Dollar Day" promotion on all three social media outlets so make sure you take advantage of all of them to maximize your chances for a deal!