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December 16, 2015

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LabelsThe Print Shop offers its customers online ordering of its most commonly used labels. By following the link, our customers will be able to quickly and easily place orders online for each of the following:

  • Labels of all Sizes
  • Circular and Special Shaped Labels
  • Square and Rectangular Labels
  • Labels on Numerous Substrates
  • Labels Using Several Printing Methods
  • Labels for Unlimited Uses, Such As:
    • Address labels
    • Mailing labels
    • Laser labels
    • Preprinted labels
    • Bumper stickers

You will simply need to register on the site, apply for a login name and password and start ordering. Most labels only take 3-4 days to complete and can be picked up at The Print Shop when the order is complete. Remember to contact your Customer Account Representative at The Print Shop if you have questions on products or problems using the online label ordering portion of our website.


When your promotion or packaging needs full color to tell the story, process color labels are the best solution. What's more, every order receives a full color digital proof at no charge prior to production of your order - that's peace of mind!  And don’t forget...we are very fast and efficient.

  • Traditional consumer industries of process color labels are:
  • Software manufacturers
  • Music Industry (audio manufacturers)
  • Tourism Industry
  • Health and Beauty Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Wine Industry
  • Gift & Promotional Packaging Industry


When your labels have to accentuate your product with a distinguished look, foil stamped labels are your best solution. Whether you need a simple foil imprint or you want to add traditional spot color printing to your foil imprint, The Print Shop can produce your order at a fast pace without sacrifing quality.

  • Traditional consumers of this type of labels are:
  • Flower Shops
  • Chocolate and Candy Manufacturers and Packagers
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Wine Industry
  • Gift & Promotional Packaging Industry


Double-Bump is a process by which two layers of UV ink is placed on a pressure sensitive film substrate in order to simulate the density, opacity and durability of screen printing.

The immediate benefit: Smaller manufacturers can compete with larger manufacturers by obtaining the look and shelf-appeal of screen printed labels without the enormous cost.

To create the Double-Bump effect, we will back up each color with an initial layer of white UV ink. With this step, we can then proceed to add any chosen ink color over the initial layer of white ink. Once the process is complete, you will then have a label that has comparable characteristics to a traditional Screen Printed Label. The inks will have the opacity, density, and more importantly, comparable durability of a Screen Printed Label. If added resistance is required, we can also add UV Coating to the label.

The tight registration variance of our proprietary flexographic label presses, enables you to provide a product that gives your customer unlimited design options. From detailed artwork and thin-lined typestyle, to complex screens and color mixes, it can all be done at The Print Shop.

Double-Bump Labels allows us to enter a market which has traditionally been dominated by direct sales forces who target large manufacturers. With this process, we can offer our customers a product which is faster to produce, of comparable durability, and at a better overall value. We can now participate in a film market which stood at $1.5 billion last year and is expected to grow twice as fast as paper labels in the next 3-5 years. The film substrate used to produce Double-Bump labels is available in both Clear (No-Label Look), and Frosty formats. We also offer White Vinyl and traditional Clear Polyester.